First Post

Howdy, folks. I’m… Uh… Waitasecond.

How exactly do you introduce yourself on a blog? Tell people how you look and post a picture to help visualize you sitting at your computer, so in a later post, when you’re rambling on about how your wife’s horrible cooking, Barack Obama’s “terrorist” fist jab, and antibiotics are connected somehow, they’ll know exactly how you look? Or do you post your life story, detailing how you, as an orphaned child, managed to graduate magna cum laude from Yale at the age of 16? Or, perhaps, if you’re particularly eccentric, you’ll write from the third person and describe yourself as a mixture of your favorite bands (“The guy who writes this blog, Alex Smith*, is like, Tool, ZZ Top, and The Who rolled into one!“). Or maybe, you’ll do a mixture of all three, in a poem. Now that would be awesome! 

Okay, Maybe not.

So yeah, strange second-person rambling time is over. Time to cover what will be on my blog.





*=My name isn’t really Alex Smith. Nice try.

  1. Will Rhodes

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    I will do the same and welcome to the blogosphere!

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