US Flirting With Disaster

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Poland will host the missiles as part of a defence shield the US says it needs against “rogue states” like Iran.

Under the deal signed on Thursday, the US will install 10 interceptor missiles at a base on the Baltic coast in return for help strengthening Polish air defences.

Mr Rogozin [Russia’s envoy to NATO] told Reuters news agency the timing showed “the missile defence system will be deployed not against Iran but against the strategic potential of Russia”.
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“Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st Century,” Mr Bush said.

“Only Russia can decide whether it will now put itself back on the path of responsible nations or continue to pursue a policy that promises only confrontation and isolation.”

Washington – which says the timing is not linked to the Georgian crisis – has always assured Moscow that the shield is to protect against long-range attacks from “rogue states” such as Iran, rather than Russia.

I am stunned at our government’s inability to do anything diplomatic. You’re trying to engage in peace talks with Russia, but you blame them for “bullying” and “intimidation”, Mr. Bush? To further piss off the Russians, you place missiles in Poland to “defend against Iran”? I think everyone knows that the missile program placed in Poland was to defend against a Russian nuclear strike, which you are helping along quite well by creating gross double standards and being a hypocrite when it comes to invading other nations. We’ve invaded two countries, and are planning to invade Iran just because the news put a spin on what Ahmedinejad said. Is this what America’s all about? Hypocrisy? Oh, and did everyone forget that last year, Russia offered to put a missile shield in Russian controlled areas in Azerbaijan, which borders Iran, in the event that Iran launched a nuke? We turned that down… For Poland. Why pass up a place right next to Iran for a shield in the middle of Europe? Because they want to antagonize the Russians, unfortunately.

Still worse is how US officials say the placement of a battery in Poland isn’t at all related to the Georgia situation. Of course it is! How could it not be? Poland let the U.S. install the batteries because they are scared of Russia after what the media portrays as a sign of “Russian aggression”. No, they (the Russians) just don’t like seeing Ossetian citizens get killed by their own government, that’s what. Our media has done a bang-up job of getting out their confetti, putting their party hats on, and saying, “THE BEAR’S BACK, BABY!”

The “Bear” is not back unless we threaten the Russians with military intervention — or worse, a nuclear strike. Unfortunately, with the way our media is spinning (read: lying about) this conflict, that might be very soon. And the consequences for a war in Russia will be much larger than anything we’ve seen before.

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  1. VOTE OBAMA 08!

    At least he believes in diplomacy.

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