Will Rhodes: After George? (Guest Entry)

Will Rhodes is a blogger who has volunteered to write a couple of stories for my blog while I’m on vacation. His excellent blog is at http://willrhodesportmanteau.com/. Check it out!

What will happen after George Bush leaves office?

Odd question – but a valid one methinks. He hasn’t been in the news much recently, he has two other people playing president so he can go off to the Olympics to enjoy himself. But he will leave office and a new president will be sworn in, so what will happen?

What won’t keep happening is:

When one group of Muslims explodes bombs underneath the school buses of another group of Muslims in Baghdad or cuts the heads off humanitarian workers in Anbar, blame George Bush.

When the Earth’s atmosphere gets a little more clogged with the output of power plants in China, India and elsewhere, blame George Bush.

Over simplistic – but will the term, “Blame George Bush” transfer into “Blame the USA”?

So it is something we have to think about, not only because of the past, that is a given, but what about the future – how will the USA been seen the morning after, the very day that someone else takes the reigns.

How will the US make amends, if it needs to make amends, with her allies and friends that Bush has pushed to one side? It’s a world question, for so long we have been able to blame one man, George Bush – but once that goes we have to think about do we blame someone or do we take ownership of our own problems?

Oh George, what will we do when you’re gone? | Gerard Baker – Times Online.

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