In Shock — An Intelligent McCain Supporter

I’m in absolute shock right now: one of the most intelligent, articulate, and overall wonderful people I know is… A McCain supporter. It just does not compute with the workings of my mind — and she’s not very conservative in the least, in fact, she has political leanings much like mine. And she’s swallowed every bit of the McCain propaganda that Barack’s a celebrity (and, she says, if he isn’t here, then he is overseas! Would you vote in a celebrity over a politician?) and has no idea what to do in times of war. She thinks I’m crazy when I mention that McCain will get us in a nuclear war with Iran and Russia. She then says that we should be defending ourselves (preemptive war?) if other nations are preparing to attack us. To which I say: WHAT NATIONS? Sure, people don’t like us, but they know that we’re insane and are willing to nuke them, so they don’t attack us. It works both ways — countries want to get nuclear weapons because it will deter other nations from attacking them.

The Obama “celebrity” thing is a poor argument as well: since when did somebody’s popularity alone give them a bad rep? If popularity is a bad thing, wouldn’t that mean Bush is the best president ever since he’s almost hated universally?

Also, the war argument is pathetic. McCain has said, “I know how to win wars,” almost a laughable amount of times. But he’s the picture of incompetence: he graduated 6th to last(!) at the Naval Academy and further cemented his incompetence by getting shot down in Vietnam. Yes, I know he suffered an amount that no one can possibly imagine, but that was because he lacked the skills necessary to avoid getting shot down in the first place. His campaign playing the “POW” card to gain him respect or sympathy, or worse, pity, is downright awful. Do they expect us to respect him just because he had to pay the piper for his lack of flying skill? Do they really think that he knows how to win wars, considering the ones he’s been involved in have ALL BEEN LOST?!

I’m tired of it.

EDIT: The real problem, I think, is that this makes me fear that McCain will get elected; it makes that outcome much more real to me. It strikes me as surprising and deadly that such a smart, discerning person is able to root for a man that will likely plunge the planet into nuclear winter.

  1. Arnie Terminator is a celebrity, Sonny Bono – Cher’s ex hubby – a celebrity, and John McCain’s hero(?) Ronnie Reagan – guess what, celebrity.

    FYI – Ronnie and Nancy hated him [McCain] after he divorced his crippled wife (who had waited for him all the time he was a POW).

    POW/MIA members detest him [McCain] because he wouldn’t help them out and physically attacked them.

    Good, eh?

  2. I was just absolutely furious with the person in question… Hence me posting this.

    Good points though… Especially on the divorce/Nancy R factor, which I totally forgot.

  3. It won’t get anywhere. I think. If you’re going to digg/stumble/ my posts, at least do it for the good ones.

    But I won’t object to you digging any and all of my posts.

  1. 1 In Shock — An Intelligent McCain Supporter

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