Bloggers: Stop Writing About Sarah Palin! (Daily Show Clip Included!)

Ever since Alaskan governor Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s Veep, the blogosphere erupted with both criticism and praise for the anti-choice zealous hockey mom (oh, she’s a woman too!!!1!111!11one11). Hell, even I kind-of blogged about her when I found out that her daughter was pregnant. My message to all those with weblogs is this: if you want to stop playing into the hands of the McCain campaign, shut up about Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter and her Down’s Syndrome Baby and Troopergate and her lack of experience and her being Miss Congeniality. That’s what the pick was designed to do: take the focus off of John McCain and have people battle it out about her qualifications. In fact, it looks more like it’s Obama vs. Palin with the way Obama supporters are trying to defend themselves from Palin.

Instead, folks, criticize McCain and focus your efforts on him. Vice Presidents shouldn’t mean anything, but I know, I know, McCain might be meeting his maker sometime soon and Palin *could* step in as president. But that won’t happen if he’s not elected — and that’s why, if you’re going to slam the McCain campaign, slam him. Again, don’t focus on Bristol Palin being pregnant; focus on John McCain’s abuse of his POW experience as a way to dodge questions. Focus on the idiosyncrasy that, even though he’s seen the horrors of war, John McCain wants to put our soldiers through them. Focus on the fact that John McCain has turned his back on his “maverick” title and chosen to derail the Straight Talk Express, instead transforming into little more than a Karl Rove disciple. It IS his candidacy after all. Leave the Palin bashing to the pros. Like John Stewart!

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  1. Excellent commentary, leapsecond.

  2. I’ve already started back on the issues, Brett – she has had her 15 minutes, now its back to McCain.

  3. Dandelion: thanks a ton!

    Will: That’s good, since the Palin bashing was getting a little old, my friend. There needs to be more of a focus on McCain since he’s the one running the campaign (well, maybe Karl Rove is, but whatever!).

  4. Amen, brother. Let’s hope this settles down in a bit. Gotta love that Stewart, though. ūüėČ

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