Chaser’s War on Everything – Americans

Something fun for the weekend: a hilarious video showcasing our stupidity.

Don’t laugh too hard!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. thebeadden

    It says sorry the video is no longer available.

  2. thebeadden

    I looked it up at you tube. was that the one with the american vs arab dressed tourists?

    If so, too funny!

  3. Ah, it’s a shame. It was this one:

    Too hilarious. Look up this one too: APEC Security Breach

  4. thebeadden

    The first link: That is sad. Truly. What are these people being taught in school?

    The second: I was just about in tears! This show is on ABC? I’ve never heard of it. These guys are great!

    Thanks for sharing, Leap.

  5. Bead: it’s this ABC, not this ABC.

    And yes, these guys are hilarious! I really liked the one about IKEA after going through epic 7 hour excursions into putting their beds and desks together.

  6. They tried to take them to court but if I remember correctly the case got thrown out. This was during a week of unprecedented security where civilians were thrown to the ground and frisked in front of their children as they walked across the road to get yum cha for lunch….it was beyond ludicrous!

    Good on Chaser for showing them up…the government went way overboard with infringing on our civil they tried to do with the Pope’s visit this year…and that got thrown out of court too!

  7. Will: Yes, dial-up’s awful. You’re missing out.

    Magik Quilter: Thanks for your (continuing!) comments. But I, too, am proud of the Chaser for making light of how poor the security really is. Imagine if that were ACTUALLY Bin Laden!

    Unfortunately, it just proves that the actions our government(s) are taking to “improve national security” (aka take away our freedoms) aren’t working at all.

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