America’s Spying Turned From Its Own People to the Iraqi Government?

Original Article

Apparently, according to Bob Woodward, the US Big Brother has turned its Thought Police away from the American people, and to keep them occupied, had them spy on senior officials of the Iraqi government instead. Of course, with Iraqi officials hearing about what was in the book, they are itching to ask Bush and Co. whether they really were getting spied on by America. That’s nonsense, as we all know! Saying that America would spy on Iraqi government officials is like saying they’d spy on their own people!

Oh, wait…

But, hey, at least this guy Woodward doesn’t have a history of uncovering anything notable — he’s just another stupid journalist with zero credibility.


Said the article:

Iraq is to ask US officials for an explanation after a new book suggested the United States had been spying on senior members of the Iraqi government.

The claims are made by US journalist Bob Woodward in The War Within: A Secret White House History, 2006-2008.

“If it is true… it reflects that there is no trust,” Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said.

Woodward’s book quotes a US source as saying the US knows “everything” said by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.

“If it is true it casts a shadow on the future relations with such institutions,” a statement from Mr al-Dabbagh added, referring to the Central Intelligence Agency and other US agencies.

Okay, so our government just surveils the officials, no big deal, right? Nothing about the surge working…

The book also claims that the US “surge” in 2007, in which nearly 30,000 extra troops were sent to Iraq, was not the primary reason for the steep drop in violence seen over the last year.

Mr Woodward says new covert techniques have been used successfully by US military and intelligence officials to find, target and kill insurgents.

He does not go into detail about them, saying the White House asked him to withhold specifics in the interests of national security.

The book quotes from interviews given by Mr Bush himself, and looks at the how the decision-making of the war evolved and the internal clashes it caused.

Oh. So the surge wasn’t the real reason that we’ve won in Iraq? Amazing!

  1. normal male

    Where did woodward work before he went to washington post?

    And got the story of a lifetime? Just dumb luck??

    Is there a connection to intelligence agencies?

    Where did his dad work and what connection did he have to father of FBI turncoat spy Robert Hanseen?

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