There Are No Evil Thoughts…

Except one: the refusal to think.

How is it that we have the largest database of information ever constructed by man — and there are those who fail to use it (or just plain can’t)?

How is it that we have a presidential candidate who can’t access said information, and encourages incompetent, rash, decision making? And brings down an educated, thinking man like Barack Obama as an elitist? Why do we have to bring down the great to make the small feel larger in our society? Why are so many people refusing to think?

  1. Because they’re not refusing to think, Brett – they are taught not to think.

    As a parent I teach my children to ask a simple question – “Why?” Not that they have to ask each and every time, but for the bigger things in the world.

    If they see something and ask something about that situation I try to give them an explanation as to what is happening/happened – I don’t have the answer everytime but if it is a matter of morals, etc – I try to get them to ask why this is moral or this isn’t.

    So many are just taught to shut up and do it! Eventually that teaching is how they deal with everything – one reason I believe that teachers should teach – but not only teach a subject to to teach a child to ask questions, ask why.

  2. Will: isn’t it the same — the decision to refuse to think and the teaching of not to think? To swallow indoctrination? To accept status quo?

    I’m just so sick of being demeaned and derided because of one fact: I’m competent — and honest, and know it.

    I also appreciate your parenting techniques — teaching children to be curious is the best thing they can be.

  3. There is a method here taught in selective schools and some private schools on philosophy, it is based on The Transformers System from Britain and basically it is about teaching children how to think before they are taught to learn. Naturally when I asked about having it in our state school they would not have it….although they said my son and the child who bullied him mercilessly [his mother said it was admiration] were perfect candidates for it. Duh my son asked us to read Oscar Wilde’s The Sleeping Giant and other really thought provoking books endlessly when he was three! By seven it is a little late to be teaching them how to think.

    It is a sad fact of life these days that the competent and especially the honest are derided and demeaned. But you are young [I think!] and feisty enough to stick it to them…keep at it!

    As for politics and the election…it is like public school here….it is aimed at the level of the lowest achiever …from Australia anyway it appears to be attracting the people with the lowest reasoning power. The Obama interview with Stephanopolous is a case in point…the blogs are so ignorant!!!! They have taken that out of context and totally believe that he is a Muslim…and who cares if he is? But obviously the date today reminds us why it probably will never happen.

  4. thebeadden

    Leap, they don’t want people to clue into what is really going on. Keep the masses busy trying to put food on the table and entertainment to occupy themselves and all is good in the world. Don’t give them time to think.

  5. I just realized that I didn’t respond to your comments!

    Magik Quilter: Oscar Wilde at three! Wow! Though, I learned how to read when I was two years old, but I wasn’t exactly reading Wilde or anything that thought provoking until a long while later. And yes, I am very young, and probably grew up much too fast for my own good — but that’s okay — I wouldn’t like being ignorant anyways.

    Wholeheartedly agreed on the education : politics comparison, and I can say for sure that people’s ignorance is a PRODUCT of the education system. I am living through it (now I’ve just given everything away! lol), but that’s the thing: I’m just surviving — which is unacceptable. Maybe I’m too naive, but I expect to really enjoy every hour of my existence, and the education system really does hold those of higher intelligence back, ESPECIALLY in areas (like mine) where intelligent, motivated students are few and far between.

    Bead: I don’t know if it’s so much of a conspiracy to prevent people from utilizing critical thinking skills as much as it’s a politically correct way of appeasing the general population. Maybe if more people enjoyed living, enjoyed their jobs, the news would actually report news. That’s why I’ve never understood the world’s obsession with celebrities: they’re not worth looking up to, so why bother elevating them to “celeb” status?

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