Writer’s Block — Plus Matt Damon Rips Palin

I’m breaking the oath I made to stop talking about Sarah Palin altogether in the name of writer’s block. The undoing of all writers and artists has crept into me, and I haven’t been able to shake it — I have no new ideas, it seems. My fountain has run dry, my mind has refused to produce any new ideas and it’s killing me. Maybe it’s the stress of writing Project Atlas. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m being squeezed by life and have less time to think about anything. Maybe… I don’t know what’s causing this — less sleep may be the thing at work here. I’m getting desperate, which is precisely the reason why I had to resort to posting a video.

For the past week, blogging has felt more of an obligation to me, and less fun for me to bounce my ideas off the wall. As a result, I feel like my content has been watered down in the pressure I feel for me to produce content every day. But that content hasn’t been very productive or insightful: look at yesterday’s Dihydrogen Monoxide post if you need an example of something that was shallow and ill-written. Maybe it’s just because (depressing) politics has gotten in the way the past few weeks — especially McCain’s veep pick who shan’t be named — which tires me out and lends me a sort of cynicism (though, to be sarcastic is my nature, I don’t like to be the most negative person ever — I ride my wave of confidence). To get over my writer’s block, I feel like I’ll have to stop providing daily content, and focus on quality, not quantity. That’s what I’ll really have to do — plan out every post and give myself enough time to edit and think about my writing, because I’m not really doing that enough now.

So, with that out of the way, here’s Matthew Damon lambasting McCain’s VP pick.
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  1. Sorry to hear you have hit the block, Brett – but I am sure that you will overcome it!

    Confidence, my friend, confidence.

    When I get that way with my blog I simply go to Facebook, or the BBC World have your say – read the posts there etc and don’t think. What does amke the block worse is too much thinking – because that invariably turns to thinking how to write that killer blog piece etc.

    Or you could always look at porn 😀

    Mr Damon did the right thing, though – it pissed Lou Dobbs off so it has to be good 😀

  2. Whoops looks like the video has been removed. I found her to be very aggressive in the interview with Charlie Gibson…..the words attack dog came to mind.

    Sorry I have been sewing my fingers to the bone since yesterday so did not have time until now to leave a comment, but really wanted to after reading this post. Which brings me to this ….just as there is no obligation for us to comment you are not under any obligation to post daily….it is entirely up to you.

    I am no writer but am a prolific reader and for me it is quality not quantity at all times. Now I shall have to see what you were talking about with this other post!

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