The Sensation of Living

It’s really a shame that people don’t really think about the living. Or, rather, not think about, but appreciate what it is to live. Okay, maybe appreciate isn’t the right word, since that implies gratitude to a higher being, so I won’t even go there. Maybe, I’m just thinking, I wish we all could take a step back from everyday life and appreciate how bloody awesome it is to just… be.

There are things we take for granted — our senses, for instance. And out of all the things anything, anybody can do, just using our senses are the biggest testaments to just how wondrous life is. Just seeing, for instance, is unbelievable; think about how special it is just to see. Same goes for hearing. Same goes for touch, taste, and smell. It’s just, frankly, unbelievable that we can do such things. Again: I wish people would take a step back and analyze and just think about how extraordinary it is to live. To be able to taste. To be able to move. To be able to think!

And what about language? It’s amazing that we, as humans, have created infinite vocabularies of joined sounds and symbols (for the written word) just so we can communicate with each other and think. Imagine how you would think without language; you’d just be reduced to feelings like “hungry” or “thirsty” or “tired”, except you wouldn’t label it like that.

Go play some of your favorite music, tap your foot to the beat, and sing along. While you’re doing so, just think of how effortless it is to do so — how amazing that you can do that without thinking.

  1. I love words, Brett – one of the reasons I write so god-damn much.

    Good post, my friend!

  2. thebeadden

    Whenever I say ‘I was thinking…’ my husband jokes that it was my first mistake. šŸ™‚

    It is nice when we take the time to empty our thoughts and just BE or losing ourselves in music or a beautiful view.

  3. I really appreciate your appreciation of the awesomeness of being. You are so right; I’ll follow your example and take time to appreciate my senses. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. šŸ™‚

  4. there are times i appreciate what i have. i sit back and think and feel grateful because i’m happy with the way things are at that moment. but i wish there’s a more… tangible way of expressing my appreciation other than thinking hmm, life’s good right now because of… i could come up with my own ritual, i guess… šŸ™‚

  5. Thanks all.

    bead: not thinking is a bad thing, generally speaking, but it’s great to just step back and love life.

    Muse: thanks for your appreciation of my appreciation of the awesomeness of being. I appreciate it.

    Sulz: Well, think about how you would be if you were dead, if that’s what it takes to appreciate life fully. Frankly, that’s what it’s taken me to appreciate life fully for everything, including lowly animals.

    Thinking deeply about death makes me feel… bad. I can’t really explain it; it’s an intangible feeling of dread and emptiness… Again, I can’t explain it, but I get a constricting feeling in my lungs and a pain in my chest, so I must really think deeply about the consequences of death.

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