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Well, we, the American people, opposed the bailout, saying it was a little band-aid on a wound spurting blood, and it wouldn’t fix anything. We said that, if our Representatives and Senators passed the bill, it would drive the economy down into the abyss, and possibly irreparably damage it. Because the state of the economy was so dreadful, because they were swallowed by fear, or leaders took the bill hook, line, and sinker, and possibly threw the finishing blow to our economy, or, at least, one that will cripple it more than it already is. They didn’t listen to us, they just put their names on the plan because it was *something*. Hank Paulson duped them into taking this bill, and every single person who voted for it should be ejected from office — even McCain and Obama. They fell for a plan that didn’t work — hell, they didn’t even know how the bailout would solve things! It’s utterly irresponsible.

All the while, the West is being brought down to its knees. The Dow Jones lost 511 points today, and is sitting at 9477, the lowest in over 6 years. It’s been a week since the bailout package has been passed and nothing good has come of it.

Doesn’t this look awfully like the collapse of the Soviet Union? Maybe the other empire is breaking up.

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