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I’m officially speechless at the stupidity of the McCain campaign, or, rather, Sarah Palin. Or both. The folks at SNL should know that they don’t even need a script for Palin: if she talks, she’ll be funny, in an oh-my-God-I’m-so-fucking-ignorant-and-can’t-form-a-coherent-sentence sort of way.

From the New York Post:

SOCCER moms and Joe Sixpacks, listen up. Get your beer, mooseburgers and caribou dips ready. Sarah Palin is doing “Saturday Night Live.” Not Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin doing “Saturday Night Live.” But the Sarah Herself. She has already OK’d it. She’s booked. It’s confirmed. Done deal. Sketches are being sketched as we speak. She – eyeglasses, haircomb, designer jacket and trunkful of gosh-darns, golly-gees and gol-dangs – will be on “SNL” Saturday night, Oct. 25. Sarah’s rehearsal time has already been penciled in for Friday the 24th. And it’s because she wants to do it.

So, my question is: Does this mean Tina Fey has plans to run for VP?

This is astonishing. Quick, people, come see the village idiot attempt to parody herself but fail miserably in the process!