The Good, the Bad, and the Insightful – October 15, 2008

Today’s good, bad, and insightful:

The Good

The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg has a great post up about the voter-fraud fraud surrounding ACORN.

The Economist’s blog Democracy in America has a thought provoking post on whether Ayers is the “right” kind of terrorist; maybe we want all of the radical Islamists to become washed up like him.

Though the story isn’t exactly positive, McClatchy reports that trouble is brewing in Pakistan.

The Bad

Donklephant linked Dick Morris’s atrocious electoral predictions.

The Insightful

Sidney Blumenthal had an excellent post on the Daily Beast today. Money quote:

Hardly anybody within the Republican Party trusts him—not the White House, not Bush’s close allies, not business, not evangelicals, not conservatives generally. As a presidential candidate, whenever McCain’s alienation from his party is threatened, he desperately runs to embrace the conservative wing by doing something, almost anything to satisfy it. Many of McCain’s shifts have been necessary to allay the right’s long-held and well-founded suspicions of his betrayals. Every time McCain moves to his right, it is because he’s not trusted within his own party. Every time he swivels away from the right, the mistrust between McCain and Republicans signals a larger collapse of ideology.

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  1. What is still interesting is that McCain now feels comfortable in openly attacking Bush – it has to be said that the neocons love Bush – always have and always will do. Bush’s rating could well drop to 15%, and that 15% will be his ardent supporters – odd that McCain feels he can win the election without them.

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