Palin: New Hampshire is in the Northwest

I couldn’t make this up.

Is she some kind of sick joke?


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  1. Yeah, we get it in the Granite State. She doesn’t. The dope. She probably likes it here. Sure, we have an Ivy League college (elitist!) but we have that Joe 6-pack stuff too, like Nascar and tramp stamps.

    I hope never to hear that voice of hers again after November 5.

  2. ellaella has it about the voice…it is like listening to the dentist’s drill

    Will be glad too not to see Mscain’s snarky looks at the camera when Obama is around..hasn’t any handler shown him what he looks like…th impression he is creating of smug superiority?

    Do not know how America as a nation handles the negativity and the nastiness for so long when in election mode

  3. Ella: We get it here, too, in the Bay State. She must get the fact that we’ll never vote Republican, so she doesn’t come down here. I think every state has a combination of the “elitist” (we have Harvard and MIT!) and Joe Six-pack elements.

    I, too, never want to hear her voice after November 5, but there have been whispers that she’ll run for president in 2012. Not good.

    Magik Quilter: Agreed. I can’t wait until this campaign’s over and I don’t have to see John McCain talk about, well, anything. ‘Twill be a good day.

    America “handles” the negativity because it relishes the negativity: they liken the campaigns to a prizefight. It’s sad, but that’s how it is in this age of infotainment, as John Stewart puts it. The uninformed will only tune in to see how a candidate slammed the other via stump speeches or ads — and the media is totally complicit in the parroting of negative campaigning. If only they’d actually talk about the issues…

  4. Hi Ella!

    Brett – are you kidding?? She will run in 2012?? The woman has so much to deal with in Al-ask-ha when she returns I think that the GOP will blame her for the loss if they do lose come November.

    I have so many video’s backed up to watch when we are back on highspeed it is a matter I will have to put a full day aside just to watch them all.

    But, Palin is a mong! I can’t believe how thick she really is!

  5. What I can’t believe is, in this day and age, how one human being can call another such an awful thing. She is still, for her many faults, a fellow human being.

    Sorry Leap….I know this is your blog but basic human decency calls me to respond to the last part of Will’s comment…..I had to look it up as I had never heard it before although I got the general idea it was an insult. I hope to never hear it again.

  6. No worries Magik. I didn’t look it up yet…

    Okay, I looked it up. It’s not very acceptable, but hey, at least it’s better than the names John McCain calls his wife.

    @ Will: She’s not mentally retarded! That’d actually give her an excuse for her incompetence and ignorance. (Sorry, I had to use my wit. Not politically correct… But, whatever)

    And, plus, Will, I’d wager that, if you had the opportunity to meet her, you wouldn’t dare call her names like that. I don’t think.

  7. Hi again, leap. Yes, the Great Mentioner is mentioning her for 2012 — rising star, etc. Predictable, I think. Four years is a loooong time and as Will said (hi, Will!) there are things to deal with at home. Troopergate’s not over, there’s nascent talk of impeachment (possibly wishful thinking) and who knows what else might emerge?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see her with a show on Fox in 4 years. Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  8. Hiya, Ella:

    Rising star? With whom? The “base”? The hilarious thing about Palin is that she is exactly what the McCain campaign, FoxNews, etc. portrayed Barack to be: a celebrity with no notable accomplishments whatsoever. Except they forgot one thing… People liked Barack for his eloquence and intelligence, while Palin most certainly does not share those qualities.

    I politely ask the GOP base: who has the bigger celebrity now?

  9. And, plus, Will, I’d wager that, if you had the opportunity to meet her, you wouldn’t dare call her names like that. I don’t think.

    I’ll take that wager, Brett – if I can call Neil Kinnock that to his face I can say it, with consummate ease, to Sarah Palin.

  10. All in good humor, mate, all in good humor. You’d be my hero if you were caught on camera calling her any name.

    Come to think of it, you should just call her a socialist. People seem to respond to that quite a bit more than a bit of British slang.

  11. Aye – I know, only thing is, if people really were to look at it, Palin is more of a socialist than many British politicians! LOL

    Her redistribution of those oil companies wealth is – well, socialist, no?

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