Emergency: The Worst Political Ad Ever

Via the Guardian’s Michael Tomasky:


I’m sorry, dear readers, but this ad makes me fear greatly for the future of this country. This ad represents the pinnacle of idiocy and religious fundamentalism (both go hand in hand) that exist in this country in quite large quantities.

Accusing someone of being “evil” or unfit for public office just because they are an atheist (never mind the fact that Kay Hagan is NOT an atheist) is truly terrible. I thought that the attacks on Obama for being a Muslim were bad; but this is worse, mostly because I’m an atheist. They spew the words “Godless” and “atheist” like they would speak of a criminal or miscreant, when, in reality, that’s simply not true.

Remember, folks: freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

Before I start typing massive amounts of expletives and strong language, I’ll click the publish button.

P.S. I wonder what Christopher Hitchens will say about this in his column ‘Fighting Words‘ in Slate Sunday…


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  1. It’s lunacy and who is Kay Hagan anyway?

  2. Someone running for reelection in the North Carolina State Senate. Don’t worry, I didn’t hear of her before either.

  3. I’d never heard of her either until she started palling around with terrorists evil atheists.

    Good post! I’ll look forward to hearing from Hitchens on this too. I’ll forget to read Slate, so maybe you could post something here? I’ll keep an eye out.

  4. Will do, Lottie. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Reflection of US politics?

    We have seen so many demonized in the press of late for – ermmm, what exactly?

    I am a Christian, one of the ‘real’ kind – one that knows if Jesus Himself ran for office in the US he would be called a Marxist, Socialist!

    These people make me sick, oh how I wish I could hate!

  6. That made me laugh, and laugh.

    Okay, it’s terrifying, but it cracks me up fundamentalists who base their entire religion on God’s omnipotence somehow think He needs them to look out for His best interests. Surely if God is all-powerful He can just zap any nasty unbelievers?

  7. Reminds me of the George Carlin show where he said, “If there is a God, let him kill me right now. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t exist,” (paraphrasing). Of course, nothing happened to good old George until this year.

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