Corruption and Charity, Part 1

A week or so ago, thebeadden posted a comment on MusEditions’s blog, lamenting the corruption in charity and “every social structure” in the world. This post is intended to be a response to that comment.

I’ll tackle bead’s argument point for point, doing the best I can (you can read the full comment/post here!). The first part:

The only problem I have is that when we start donating aid and money, it doesn’t always go to helping the people it is meant for. Believe me when I say that a lot of money goes to the wrong hands. I work around people from many different countries and some of them tell me about the scams, some of them have opened businesses here with that money. And I have been told how I can get in on it too. I just about choked try to keep my mouth shut but inside I was seething.

Totally agreed, and this points to a lack of morality on the scammer’s part, and a lack of discretion on the donator’s. While it seems like whoever is donating to these NGOs and charitable organizations is getting scammed when the funds do indeed get scammed (and they are!), a chunk of the responsibility is the donor’s, no ifs, ands, or buts. It is the donor’s responsibility to exercise serious discretion when selecting a charity to donate to, just for this reason – one should check exactly where the funds go and who sponsors the charity for the sake of security. If the charity doesn’t seem legitimate, nobody should donate to it; no one’s holding a gun to the head of the donor and saying they have to donate to any charity at all.

Another reason is that there are people out there just dying for a one world government. I wish with all my heart that it could happen and be a good thing. Small movements are started, and everyone on the lower level thinks they are doing this for all the right reasons. In truth many of these efforts are only stepping stones to pave the way for people to give in to the bigger plan.

One world government would end the world, or at least set the stage for a dictatorship of the majority, whatever that happens to be. There are simply too many voices on this earth for a single, unified government to work — think of how many political parties there would be. With that many parties, all the voices would be drowned out in the white noise.

You allude to some movements losing their integrity after they assume control. Yes, while there are cases of corruption destroying a leader/movement, more often is the fact that what works in theory doesn’t necessarily work in practice. As things start to go wrong with their agenda, it appears that the movement is self-destructing, and, as that happens, leaders turn dictatorial.

And the ones running the show don’t have the goodness in their heart that all these people have. All that has to happen is one of them getting to be the one running the show. We elect people who don’t know anything put power, corruption and greed.

Not necessarily – there are some who are indeed good people. In fact, I’d wager that most of the elected officials are good people. But, the System has constraints, and these people have to keep their jobs by being in bed with corporate interests and especially the military-industrial complex. The people at the tops of those ladders are the ones who need replacing with able-minded and pure people, not those in government. It’s the corrupt lobbyists and corporate infrastructure that corrupts the legislative process with their “gifts” to the legislative bodies (also known as bribes).

Part 2 is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  1. thebeadden

    I did see this earlier, Leap. Got half way through a reply and then something came up and I had to go.

    I’ll try to remember what I was writing…

    When I saw my name, I thought , oh noooo, I’m going to be raked over the coals!

    There is so much to cover, I would almost have to make a post to reply. Sure, we have to educate ourselves on charities. But it’s hard when some of the well known ones, ones I have even recommended, have problems too.

    All the money donated by regular people, all the tax dollars from foreign aid. That is not chump change.

    Where are the houses? I understand much more needed to be done than just housing. But there are obviously administration problems somewhere.

    The flood victims in the States? Let’s see all the homes being rebuilt.

    We can watch an entire sub-division go up over a summer. We are talking years here.

    In many places, you see hotels and resorts go up, and people are still homeless.

    What has to be changed is oversight, accountability and having people on the ground who let everyone know what is being done.

    You can’t throw foreign aid (tax payers hard earned money) around and not show people where it went. There should be proof of every penny spent, what it went to.

    But I agree with everything you said.

    I think the only way this can change is for people to say, I will give when you are accountable for the outcome. Show me where this is going. And that no…a toilet isn’t $600 dollars.

    That’s all for now.

  2. Thanks Bead: I’ll make sure to continue this dialogue tomorrow, as today was a bit hectic for me (hectic as in I was reading a book all day!).

    Out of all the things you said, though, this was the best:

    You can’t throw foreign aid (tax payers hard earned money) around and not show people where it went. There should be proof of every penny spent, what it went to.

    Exactly, and this is the trouble with foreign aid. We’re having billions of dollars disappear in Iraq, and people are suffering all over the globe (though, it’s not our place to fix their suffering, either). Here’s the conundrum with foreign aid, especially when it’s given out by the IMF and the World Bank: it incurs massive, unrepayable debt. Do a search on “third-world debt”. THAT’S why a lot of countries can’t get out of the hole they’re in.

  3. thebeadden

    I have looked into how the IMF and World Banks operate. One problem seems to be that they invest all that money into a country, they get them to put in hydro, all these things to make it a better country, but how is it possible when there are is no economy?

    Then the people get handed a hydro bill and water bill they can’t pay. They have no jobs. They can’t afford all that.

    Then the loan gets called in, it can’t be payed either. That’s when the sharks come to ‘bail them out’ and save the day. With conditions, of course…

    I’ll leave it at that for now.

  4. that’s why i don’t donate most of the time. i got cheated once when i asked if i will be issued an receipt after donating. the receipt was a serial number on a free gift that i got for donating. wtf? i really hope that the money went to the right people…

    i think of power like the one ring in lord of the rings. it will corrupt even the most kind-hearted of people, given time. gandalf was right in trusting the ring with frodo!

  5. Exactly, bead. The IMF, et al loan money to these countries to “help” them, but as soon as the countries get money (of their own) to help grow their economies, they have to pay the loans back. And so the cycle begins anew…

    Sulz: with charity and the like, I operate on the axiom “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.

    And yes, the Lord of the Rings is a classic tale of power being able to corrupt anyone. In fact, the One Ring IS a symbol for power, I believe.

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