Why Obama Is the Next Clinton

There were riots across the country last night, but of pride: Barack Obama was named president elect in a landslide victory over resident maniac John McCain. Many people shed tears witnessing Obama’s victory speech at Grant Park last night, believing that they had claimed a major victory for America, saving it from the evil GOP overlords. Their hero was Obama, and (pardon me for using a tired cliche) he appeared to be a Messianic figure, at least in their eyes.

Obama is not going to radically change Washington. Let’s get that out of the way – the president does not have the type of power in order to enact that kind of change. Our primary legislative body here in the United States is not the President or his administration, but Congress. If the head of state were to enact a massive change across the board like Obama says he will, he’d be a dictator to any other nation.

But here’s the catch: Obama, simply, won’t be able to change Washington as much as he says he will. And that’s a good thing.

Yes, I know that by not accomplishing what he immediately set out to do will disenfranchise voters. But it will be good for the country, just like when Clinton was forced to abandon his health care policy. And this is why Obama is the next Clinton.

Mark my words, people: Obama is simply not capable of changing Washington the way he wants you to think. He can’t put an end to partisan bickering or hackery. He can’t put an end to Washington’s corporate ties. He can’t put an end to the lobbying that goes on. He can’t tell Congress exactly what to do (after all, isn’t that a Bush-esque thing to do?).

While he may not be able to fundamentally change Washington from the bottom up, Obama can be a great president while alienating his supporters at the same time (abandoning a national healthcare initiative, for one). He can be a steadfast supporter of all peoples, friend or foe (love thy enemy). He can be willing to work with both parties, taking the time to hear proposals from the Republican minority and the Democratic majority. He can, dare I say it, be conservative, limiting the policies he enacts, while protecting the freedoms of the American people.

But, most importantly, he must do this: he must respect the limits of power imposed on the office of the President. That’s change enough for me.

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  1. thebeadden

    Well said, Leap.

    As much as I would like to believe Obama could be so many things. He is walking into a corrupt system in total chaos. A country in turmoil. If he even gets some thing straightened out, it will be a big thing. There simply isn’t enough time or power on his side to accomplish much in this term. For the better anyway.

    The part I’m afraid of is making it even worse. With the people I’ve seen mentioned that might be a part of his group…I’m not as hopeful as I was.

    I guess we can only wait and see.

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