EU Wises Up

The BBC reports that the EU will finally begin talks with Russia for the first time since the Ossetian conflict.

European Union foreign ministers have decided to resume partnership talks with Russia, despite failing to reach unanimous agreement.

Lithuania, the former Soviet republic, remains unconvinced, saying the decision is a “mistake”.

The EU suspended talks over Russia’s intervention in Georgia, and Lithuania argues it has still not fully met the terms of the truce and withdrawn.

But the 26 other EU members agreed it was time to re-engage with Moscow.

“We have found a good way to proceed,” said EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, after the foreign ministers met in Brussels.

“We think it is time to resume the talks.”

About time they realized that they need Russia more than anyone, and it was particularly foolish to suspend talks after the Georgian debacle. Maybe they figured out that it was Georgia that fired the first shot, not Russia?

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