A Challenge

I’ll keep this short and sweet: you, the reader, get to pick tomorrow’s editorial. Leave a comment under this post and I’ll pick one submission to write an editorial about tomorrow.

Make the subject an unexpected one!

  1. thebeadden

    I want to know ten things you thought about today.

  2. Why England is the greatest country on Earth!

  3. The right to refuse a possibly life saving heart transplant has been won by a teenager in Britain.


    Here we have a young woman making a decision about her life which is well thought out and shows the sheer horror she has been through at the hands of modern medicine. What price medical intervention when one has been through so much?

    Someone very close to me is critically ill at present and they are considering appalling methods of surgery …. she is 87 years old….let us hope the surgeons give her the same rights over her body as they did this girl. I fear not as ageism is prevalent at both ends of the spectrum.

  4. Bead: see Ex-Tangent later today. The post that will be up will encompass much more than 10 things I thought about today.

    Will: England’s not technically a country. Not valid.

    Magik: I’ll take you up on euthanasia.

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