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Exactly three weeks before election day, and the McCain campaign is hanging by a thread and praying for an unprecedented shift in the polls. The grossly-misnamed “team of mavericks” has been in a free-fall from 30,000 feet ever since, say, the bailout and nationalization of AIG. Since then, Barack Obama’s steady gait has swayed many undecided voters into his hands, while John McCain played drama queen (possibly emulating his wife?), and “suspended” his campaign to get the bailout passed, all the while still running ads, despite promising not to.

The McCain/Palin ticket has been one of the grossest (or greatest?) examples of hypocrisy I have seen, or, at least, in politics.

Take, for example, McCain’s claim that he’d run a clean campaign, then proceeding to make tremendously controversial, dirty, and flat-out wrong claims about Mr. Obama (though, it should be said, Obama’s campaign hasn’t exactly been clean either).

The highlights of the campaign:

It began back in the primaries with Mccain singing about bomb-bomb-bombing Iran.

Who could forget a derisive McCain ad proclaiming that Obama’s one legislative accomplishment was sex-ed for kindergartners, which was debunked by here?

Or, perhaps, the laughable ad that compared Obama to the likes of famous intellectuals Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? What’s possibly funnier than that comparison is that the ad implies that Barack Obama and his Democratic friends are responsible for higher gas prices due to their stance on offshore drilling, which was smart at the time (until Obama flipped flopped on it due to popular demand) — consider the EIA’s study released earlier this year. Ironic: Obama currently is the highest he’s ever been in the polls, and gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in a long time — I actually saw prices below $2.90 today.

Despite the aforementioned ads, the greatest (or worst) move McCain did was to put Alaska Governor and lipstick adorned pitbull, Sarah Palin, as his Vice-Presidential candidate, proof of his poor judgement. After seeing through the pretty face and folksy language, the press soon exposed her for what she really was: a proud ignoramus who did not have a grasp on anything related to national politics. It turned out her record as a reformer in Alaska was fabricated, and she has, instead, abused her power as governor and embarrassed herself in a series of interviews with Katie Couric, letting the public know that she doesn’t read a newspaper or magazine, or rather: she reads all of them.

Funnier still is John McCain accepting the nomination with Walter Reed… Middle School in the background, which shows the senility of the McCain campaign. I thought he visited Walter Reed. Shouldn’t he know what it looks like?

And, as of late, the McCain campaign has been able to do nothing but inspire fear and hate into the hearts of Americans, with cries of “Terrorist!” and “Kill Him!” (referring to Barack Obama) at his rallies. Lately, he’s been trying to put the genie back into the bottle, but, he’s still flubbed. Example:

Lady: [Obama]’s an Arab.
McCain: No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man and citizen that I happen to have disagreements on fundamental issues…

Does this joker think that Arabs are incapable of being decent family men? He didn’t say something along the lines of, “No, he’s not, and it wouldn’t matter if he was a Muslim anyway,” he just made a bigoted remark, if nothing else, playing on the American fear for Arabs after the events of 9/11. Islamophobia, anyone?

This team of mavericks has, indeed, proved that they are willing to go where no politicians have gone before: they have gone to extreme lengths to disparage their opponent while consistently dodging the issues. Perhaps that’s what mavericks do by being independent. But I’m not sure we should be praising them for being “mavericks” in the way they’ve been.

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