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Normally, I’d be obliged to write my own material concerning the auto industry’s bailout (well, that’s for tomorrow!), but this piece (that was on the Delicious popular page) was way too good to pass up.

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…The lesson here: Unlike their counterparts GM and Ford, Toyota has always taken a long-term strategic view about their employees. Toyota understands that laying off thousands of employees for slowdowns or plant retooling is counter productive. They wisely utilize the time to redistribute their workforce to understaffed plants, provide additional training for the new products, and leverage their workforce to speed the transition for newer products. Their philosophy has avoided labor disputes and staffing shortages. It has kept the company as a leader in quality and profitability over its shortsighted competitors….

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After 4 parts detailing how we got in this conflict and how we’re going to stay in it, no matter what happens, there is still some hope. Yes, we’re going to have to “combat” terrorism, but there are some steps you can take to ensure that, somewhere down the line, your voice is heard. Getting heard by the government is the best thing to do in this situation, but they don’t respond well to individuals.

What’s lost in all this shuffle is why the terrorists hate us so. Al Qaeda in Iraq wasn’t there when we invaded, so why are they there now, and why are other people blowing themselves up in an effort to kill Americans?

Because the people there are just like you and me and everybody else. When the terrorists hit the WTC, this nation wanted to avenge their lost friends and family who died that dya. The terrorists are no different. When we invaded Iraq, we invariably killed people’s loved ones who were in the Iraqi army or were just civilians. Like us, they needed to get revenge on the people who did it, and luckily for them, the Americans were occupying their country. So, for every terrorist (or civilian) we kill, his son or his uncle or his brother or his father or his friend take up the reigns and try to avenge their loved one that the “evil” Americans killed. They figure that if we hadn’t invaded, their friend or family member would be alive, just like our friends and family who were killed on 9/11 would be alive had it not been for the hijackers. And that’s very true.

The best thing you can do is spread awareness about our government’s lies about the War on Terror, meaning, of course, to spread the word about these posts using social bookmarking. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc. By the same token, get involved in your community and tell people about our situation; tell your local government about how the war on terror should be fought with law enforcement, not armies.

That’s the message I’m going for here: this is not a war that can be fought with our armed forces. It’s a war that should be fought with the folks in our law enforcement agencies. If you, above all, spread that message, everything should take care of itself. The more people you inform of our situation, the better chance there is of our government hearing our voices.

So, write to your congressman and tell him (or her) that our war on terror needs to be fought by the police, not the armed forces. Tell them that our war is just putting our brave men and women in harm’s way and putting the civilians in the countries we occupy in harm’s way as well. Tell them that our actions aren’t saving lives; they’re ruining them, whether they’re American lives or Iraqi lives or Afghani lives or Filipino lives. Our troops in other countries put not only their lives at risk, but those civilians who had no choice in the matter (of occupation by the U.S.) at risk too. For a nation so proud of its democracy, America doesn’t listen to the voices of the folks who live in countries that we’re fighting this “War on Terror” in. Stick up for them and be heard.

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