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The Good

Anatole Kaletsky has a piece in the Times about the need to act in order to rescue the country from the economic meltdown.

Johann Hari of the Independent has a chilling story about the Congolese genocide – and how we’re supporting it.

Keith Thomson has a piece in the Huffington Post detailing how McCain could win with 22% of the popular vote, never mind the projected 47%.

Cass Sunstein of the Daily Beast reminds us all that redistribution of wealth has been a core component of this country for quite some time now. After all, taxation is merely redistribution of wealth with a different name.

Tom McNichol has a hilarious parody on the Nigerian E-mail scammers.

The Bad

The BBC reports that the Fed’s cut interest rates again, which will probably drive us deeper into a long-term recession. Seems like the Fed is only interested in the shoot first, ask questions later mentality.

The Insightful

From Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish:

It’s very encouraging to see thugs like Chavez and Putin get the wind knocked out of their sails a little; and obviously many Americans are relieved to have some relief in their budgets. But the sad truth is: only high gas prices will ever wean us off Middle Eastern oil and provide the real market incentives to pioneer non-carbon energy. Falling oil prices could derail a serious move toward energy independence, which will be achieved in the end by the private sector, not the government. My own view is that the one thing the government can do right now is keep gas prices high, by raising gas taxes.

According to Andrew Sullivan, Troopergate has survived, and is, in fact, alive and well.

Let’s hope that it gets shown just how Palin has abused her power as state governor, though it’s been plainly obvious to those with working brains for some time now. Let’s just hope the courts find her guilty… Because, for once, accusations have some factual basis, unlike the entire McCain campaign and its supporters labeling Obama as a terrorist, closet Muslim, Communist, and so on. This abuse of power by Palin is incredibly significant because of two things: John McCain’s poor health and old age, and the past 8 years, where the president has had nearly unlimited power.

And plus, I thought Palin was for job creation; why would she try to get “Joe Sixpack” to lose his job when he needs it so badly?

(If you need a recap on the Troopergate scandal, head over to The Church of the Apocalyptic Kiwi